Monday, September 8, 2008

Camping Review and a Book Report

I can't find the dumb cord for the camera so no trip pics today. It's here somewhere. I probably put it in a 'safe' place where I wouldn't lose it and now I don't know where that is. I do that a lot. I want a little device by the front door labeled keys, glasses, cell phone, camera cord and when I push it the buzzer rings until I can find what I'm looking for. Maybe I'll get husband to invent one with little flashing LEDs with Daniel Craig's voice. We'll make a mint and retire to the back country.

So this is where we were. Nice huh?

It's kind of weird to be without cell phones, the Internet, plumbing. What did people do back then? Besides walk, and walk, and walk, and walk like a little pioneer child. It honestly was a lot of fun. Plus, my husband wants me to like it so he makes the bed sleeping bags, does the cooking, and the dishes while I sit on my behind reading. Which is what I did.What's not to love?

I should really be doing my book reviews on GoodReads but this is me multitasking. I'm gonna blog anyway- might as well do it here. I read 'Glass Castle' by Jeanette Walls. A book on my list I actually liked. Hurrah! Besides the ingenuity of these kids to stay alive, you can't help but be interested throughout the entire book from the functional dysfunction of the family to her complete lack of anger and judgement. You think your parents screwed you up? Wah, wah! After you read this you'll be grateful for the life you live and feel much better about your own parenting too (I hope.). The author has been criticized by some for the "lack of emotional response" or "personal narrative" but I disagree. Her straightforward honest approach came off very like able and speaks to her main objective in writing this as just her story- not seeking sympathy or to place blame, but to state things as they were. It was a good one- totally recommend it. And my kind of nerdy computer geek husband (who I love dearly) thought it was awesome that Rex Walls had his daughter do her math homework in binary.

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Casey said...

Glad you didn't get eaten by a bear! I'm gonna look for that book next...sounds good! And if you find the cord thingy to my camera phone, near your cord thingy for your camera, let me know!

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