Saturday, July 19, 2008

And the verdict is....

Creepy. Thank you for all of you who said it was cute. I let Little Miss decide and she actually looked scared of the thing. Then my sister pointed out that the creepy doll looked like she had a beard. I told her it was a PCOS doll and let Ani rip her to shreds. Take that infertility causing diagnosis. Spoiled brat dog. She doesn't even know it. She gets hand-embroidered dog toys. Sheesh.

And the other major life confirming verdict....Not a fan of Twilight. If you got me to answer my phone yesterday afternoon you must rate high on the priority list (or be totally relentless in calling) because I listened to Twilight yesterday. As far as a fluffy Friday afternoon listens go, it was okay. If you liked it, yay for you. What do I know? I didn't like or even read most of Harry Potter. I admit being sucked in for a few hours but then I started thinking about it and there were a couple of things that bugged me.

Does anyone else find it a little odd that so many women have a literary crush on a seventeen year old boy? I mean, I know he's a vampire and a hundred years old, but I guess I'm just saying we never got over high school. The fact that he was a vampire was the only redeeming quality in my book. Mostly he was just moody. And they argued and bickered the ENTIRE book. No I love you more. No I love you more. Noooo, I LOVE YOU MORE. Well, I'm older so I must love you more. SHUT UP!!!! You love each other. But how would you know. You never talk about anything besides how good looking you think each other is. And then you end up at Prom? Oh, give me a break. Maybe I'm just jealous because I never went to prom, much less with a vampire. Nah, it's still totally cliche and lost points with me to end like that. And the other thing to bug me...I liked the name Isabella, or Bella. And now I can't use it for at least five years without looking like a total goob. Dang it.

Again, if you liked it, Yay you! I'm just saying that I probably wont read the others. I do have to give Stephanie Meyers credit for really thinking the whole vampire thing through. And I admit that Edward sounds totally hot. But notice I don't have a Twilight Addict blog badge. Ultimately I was right, Jack Weyland for grown ups.


Holly said...

I had a feeling you wouldn't like it. But at least you tried:) I like the twilight series but I don't have that stupid badge on my blog either, so can we still be friends?

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

:) Of course! I need my therapy.

Christa said...

If you didn't like that one, DON'T read the others, the whinning only gets worse. I'm totally with you, I HATED Bella's whole character by the time I was done with them!

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