Thursday, July 24, 2008

Breakfast for Dinner

It's no secret that my kitchen skills are limited. I just figure there are different professions for a reason. I'm not a cook or a chef. Had I wanted to be, I would have studied something different in school. The only real reason I cook is so that I know what is in the food I'm eating and so that we don't starve. Can I help it that some of my favorite foods are dehydrated or available in can form? Little Miss thinks I'm the greatest cook in the world because I can whip up a mean batch of formula and smashed whatever vege-of-the-day. I consult cookbooks for instructions on boiling water. OK, I'm not that bad but that is one of my dad's oldest and lamest jokes.

One of my memories of Grandma is having breakfast for dinner. It was this special thing that I LOVED when we were little and living with her. I was thinking about it and now I realize it is because breakfast foods are fast and easy- totally worthy of conning small children into thinking it's cool. Last night that's exactly what I did. And I have bragging rights today!!!! I even called my parents who were suitably impressed. I made PERFECT crepes stuffed with Parmesan, mushroom, spinach and TEMPERED a lemon egg sauce. That's only after I Googled what the heck temper meant, but it worked. No one was more surprised than me that it actually worked, trust me. It is such a momentous occasion, I considered taking on a new name. Stands with a Spatula (Another memory of a fabulous movie!) Now you can come to my house and not starve. Good thing crepes are versatile- mushroom spinach crepes, berry filled crepes, bacon bit crepes, crepes with syrup, shrimp crepes. OK, I have to stop before the movie references get out of hand. I've got breakfast to make.


Mothership said...

Mmmmm that sounds sooo good. recipe?

Casey said...

OK, this is spooky but true! I made crepes last night for dinner too! We had strawberry & banana with whip cream, but yours sound BETTER! I would have liked one of your for dinner, then one of mine for dessert! My kids love all breakfast foods, no matter the time of day!

Natster said...

Does this mean that we are having crepes when I come in a few weeks? :)
oh.. and I totally forgot about Hercules at Education week!! I just remember changing names and trying to see how old everyone thought we were! Those were some fun times!
oh... and I also remember writing "super" notes at the seminary building to random people with my cool gel pens! :)

featherhead said...

Not that I don't enjoy your prowess as a chef or walking down memory lane, but I sure would like to see some new pictures of Little Miss. It's a good thing I get to see her in real life tomorrow!!!

Crazy Me... said...

So my teasing you about having dust on the inside of your kitchen aide prompted you to do some cooking huh? I am glad. :)

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