Monday, July 28, 2008

Free Fun Day

Fly Lady is kicking my tukus. Seriously. But she has also changed my life. A little melodramatic? Maybe. But planning making dinner is now part of my routine. I'd say that qualifies as a major step. Thankfully, Tuesday is Free Fun Day. I've got all kinds of fabulous crafting to finish/start. Too bad for you they are all for Birthdays and birth days so I can't post any pics. Did you know that August is the best month for a birthday? It is the only month that does not have a nationally recognized holiday. Therefore, we should consider August 6th national Birthday Day. Just a thought. HINT. Hint. Hint. hint. hint.

Shameless, I know. But this makes it easier on the Handsome Husband. If I've learned anything from being married for five years is that you have to be very clear. You do not wait for them to notice your new haircut. You say, "Dear, I got my haircut. Do you like it?" You're happy. They're happy. Everybody wins.

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northslopegang said...

I learn more from you each day. For some silly reason I like that urban term of tukus.

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