Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I'm going to tell you a secret, but you can't tell anyone, okay? I haven't made my bed in almost a month. There I said it. The illusion of me as a perfect housewife has been shattered. Ha. In fact, I think this morning was the first time since our home inspection that I made it. The bedroom has been dusted and vacuumed lots of times. I've even changed and washed the sheets weekly, but the bedspread and pillows don't quite make it back to their spots. I don't know why, but I hate making the bed. I'm not kidding. The whole house will smell like vinegar and lemon (and occasionally Pine-sol) with vacuum tracks and everything, but I won't bring myself to tuck in the sheets. I think making the bed is a waste. I'm going to sleep in it in twelve hours. What's the point? Nobody goes in my bedroom, and if I do put the puffy pillows on the bed Ani just sees it as a personal invitation to make herself comfy on them. Total justification, but yes- I blame everything on the dog. The dog did it. Sounds like a good motto to me.

So, I'm making myself a deal. I was a good girl yesterday and got what I had to done, so today I'm going to reward myself with sushi for lunch with Husband and a trip to Gap, IKEA and Filati. Oh, you've heard about Filati. This is likely to cause a twinge of buyers remorse as it hits the bank account over the next 2-3 business days, but I will not feel guilty about it so long as I make the bed everyday for the next week. Sounds like my kind of deal. And it should. I came up with it.

Oh, and since I'm doing this whole public confession thing- you might as well know that I also stayed in my pajamas all day yesterday (Husband was gone until late), there's clean laundry in a basket from two weeks ago in my closet, I let my husband eat cereal for dinner (he likes cereal), and my baby has not had a bow in her hair since sometime last week. I am officially firing myself from the Super Mommy Club. They're kind of uptight anyway.

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Casey said...

Thanks for "keeping it real" for the rest of us! I can relate to staying in pj's all day, but I HAVE to make the bed! Somehow the sheets don't feel crisp enough unless the bed has been made BEFORE climbing in it...even if I make it an hour before bed! Crazy I know! And we love cereal for dinner at our house too! I've had a daughter for a whole year now, and I've never painted her toenails! Just thought I'd confess some too. I guess I'll not be awarded mother of the year this time around...

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