Tuesday, July 8, 2008

To-Do Lister

I am a chronic, borderline obsessive, to-do lister. They work wonderfully, but I tend to drive myself (and occasionally my husband) nuts with the to-do listing because when one is finished I start another one. Nothing is ever done. I always have something to 'get done' even if its stuff that I've made up just so I can have a list. That's sick. One of my favorite lists to do is my Power of 10 list. I've talked about it before but just in case you had something better to do than read my blog that day (and by the way I forgive you)- I will share it again.

The theory is that you pick ten projects and then work on them for three hours at a time rotating through. The idea is that then you don't get bored of a project and you are always getting something done. You continue rotating them through until all ten projects are complete. As you complete one, you add another- thus never actually completing your Power of 10 projects but you are constanting getting things done. See why this works for me? Except I've gotten off track and now I have so many half-done, would-love-to-start projects in mind that I'm spinning my wheels and getting no where. Time for a to-do list. And a Power of 10 to-do list at that.

1. Anais top

2. State of Grace quilt

3. Knitting Biology

4. Halweh top

5. Cobblestone Baby vest

6. Pom-pom Peds

7. Astrid

8. Felted needle case (my own pattern)

9. Minkee Zebra

10. Babette blanket

And this does not count the never-ending project from Hades, Lizard Ridge. I don't normally knit afghans because I have the attention span of a gnat and this is seriously killing me.

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Crazy Me... said...

I cannot wait until Christmas! :)

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