Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Huge Favor

Getting free babysitting out of my sisters has never been an issue. They fight over it, but now it will be even easier to get any favor I desire out of Aunt Goose. Because today I will be standing at the airport wearing my "ugly" Crocs, Little Miss in hers, and holding the most obnoxious neon green sign that says- "On behalf of Jessica P.- WELCOME HOME ELDER MERAZ." You owe me big time chica.


northslopegang said...

Oh I love it when missionaries come home!! What a sweet sis you are for going to the airport. FYI-about my post on Primary. My nephew Robert, father of four just got called as primary chorister. He will be so fantastic. They need more men in Primary I think.
Anyhow have a wonderful day welcoming home a missionary. They bring with them such a wonderful spirit. What a great day!!!!

Crazy Me... said...


You are right, I owe you big time. :)

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