Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Brat

I woke up with a migraine which is actually a good thing if it isn't because I'm dehydrated, it means my most recent medical interventions are working! Migraines put me in a FOUL mood, but hey if it means not cramping till the cows come home, anxiety attacks in Costco, or bleeding to death, I will take a monthly migraine while my body adjusts. In the mean time, I have some random thoughts.
  • Last week I read some one's Monday post which read "Happy Sunny Monday!" What is it about my contentious pot-stirring nature that wants to paintball their garage or at least T.P. their yard before the sprinklers come on? I don't, but I seriously wanted to.
  • I don't mind giving Sacrament talks. As husband pointed out yesterday, in the five years we've been married we have moved eight times and we either speak when we move in, move out, or both. I have a theory that it is the bishoprics test drive before they give you a calling. Knowing this, I have (in a previous ward) threatened inactivity if they called me to the nursery. Yes, I know I'll probably burn for that one, too. And again my theory was proved to be true because we got callings during Sunday School.
  • I cycle through breakfast foods eating the same thing for breakfast for a week or two. It vacillates (BIG Monday morning word, I know) between yogurt, a banana and Trader Joes peanut butter granola bars, instant oatmeal with blueberries, and a bagel and cream cheese with fruit. I eat one of these combos everyday until I'm sick of it and then I switch. This week I'm back on oatmeal with blueberries, which means I have to go to Costco this morning. Costco on Monday? Happy sunny Monday my butt.
  • Yesterday, during one of the greatest Relief Society lessons I've been to in a long, long time the teacher said she had Foot In Mouth Syndrome which she is trying to overcome, but that she also has Hand to Mouth Syndrome which she tries less hard to control, hence her current weight. I almost fell off my chair laughing.
  • I would NEVER want to be the person who says something stupid like "you just have to have more faith", but really- what do you say to someone who can't catch a break besides "Geez, I'm so so so so sorry. That totally sucks!"? At the risk of being the person who has a flare up of FMS (Foot in Mouth Syndrome), I did read something in Meridian Magazine this morning that I thought WOW! "It says 'And it came to pass.' Not, 'and it came to stay'."

So if you are having a crappy Monday morning that may extend possibly into a crappy week, just know that you've got a friend who is totally up for paint balling some one's garage or T.P.-ing their lawn if you need one. (That includes chemistry professors.)

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Holly said...

I'm going to go ahead and assume your last bullet there was for my bubba and I. And, thank you. I will remember that...I love it. I will be reminding myself that it will pass this whole week. But, what timing...I seriously am already having one of the worst days that I can remember in a long time....and then I read your post:)

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