Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Proof is in the Pictures

Oh, yes. It is true. What? There wasn't a national telecast? I'm surprised. I thought Jess would have text-ed everyone in the Western Hemisphere or at least everyone we know in California. The long awaited missionary is home. And I have proof. But first we have a very important subject to discuss. A picture says a thousand words, right? Well this one only says 31. But 31 very important ones.

"Aunt Goose, You better be bringing me a huge present or at least a Popsicle, or at least a book because I missed both of my naps today while your possible future in-laws pinched my cheeks."

I really just wanted to post this picture with the caption, "Looks like his parasite was a little worse than we thought." And not call her. But I'm not that mean.

Oh, is this what you're looking for? Everyone gag while Jessica swoons. She hasn't seen these pics yet.

Poor kid. He's totally shell shocked- having a hard time with his English. His only response to me, "Todavia son feos." Translation- "They're still ugly."

Nice to have you back, kid. Somebody missed you.


Crazy Me... said...

Thanks Netty.

HE IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I looked into having a commercial made but it just wasn't economically feasible :)

Crazy Me... said...

Oh I absolutely adore that picture of little miss

Christa said...

That is THE cutest picture of lil' miss! She looks like she had a hard day :)

Mothership said...

I cant get over how perfect Little Miss is what a doll and those cheeks are so so kissable, I love the bow.

mousemovie said...

I would have paid you big money to only put the strecher picture up. Guess I don't need to wonder where your devious streak comes from, huh..

Jordan said...

So, those ugly, ugly shoes where the only ones I had for a while. It was horribly embarassing, but I was forced to use them to go outside for lack of finer footwear. sad day.

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