Friday, July 18, 2008

Creepy or Cute

Crafting around here has been totally lame. I'm just not feeling it. And then last night while surfing I saw these Matryoshka dolls and for some reason I thought Little Miss needed one. So I dug out some scraps and walah! Creepy, eh? I haven't decided if it's creepy or cute. If it's cute I'll give it to Little Miss, if it's creepy I'll give it to Ani and let her do the dirty work.

Oh to be an artist! Beautiful people, living in beautiful places, and making beautiful things. Like her, her, and her. I just Google what I'm looking for and hack ideas. So sad. But it gets the job done.

My crafting as of late has taken a pathetic nose dive. I made more barrettes. We now officially have enough for a set of triplets.

And I have started a soft, touch and feel book for Little Miss. Page 4 is The Hedgehog. He is my favorite. I had a hedgehog when I was little. He was an Easter present one year and we named him Koosh. Baby hedgehogs are the creepy cutest things ever! I am at a point where my husband says no more pets until we have children old enough to take care of them. The current deal is that he deals with the animal poop and I deal with the baby poop, so I can't blame him for not wanting to take care of one more litter box.

So, not only am I a wannabe artist, I also live vicariously through my sister as she embarks on the adventure of becoming a vet= endless access to all kinds of creepy cute creatures. I am currently a knitting-crocheting-nurse-mommy-wife. But I really wanna be a ranch-living-horseback-riding-artist who gets paid tons of money for her ideas-mommy-wife. Wouldn't that be cool?


Mothership said...

I vote for cute! I dont see the the creepy at all. You ARE so crafty. Little Miss is a lucky girl she will grow up learning how to do all kinds of cool stuff. I hear ya I could never have to many animals, I want a German Shepard now but we are soooo out of room, I hear living in the country calling me.

northslopegang said...

Cute and creative. We are about to be new parents of a beagle. Any advice? My dream would be to live in the mountains, take pictures, sew and scrapbook. (Get paid for doing it would be a bonus) I would love to be sitting on the porch knitting or crocheting as the sun goes down.

Casey said...

I vote cute too! Looks like you should start selling your barretts, plenty people buy them! (I've personally bought enough of them to keep someone else in business.)
Or adopt some triplets! Or make the dog wear them! he he he!

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