Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cutest Baby in the Universe Episode 3: The Baby Parrot

I have been asking Handsome Husband for a parrot for a couple of years. He says they are too messy, noisy, and a lot of work. So, what's the difference between that and kids?

She is the cutest parrot baby in the universe!


Anonymous said...

And then it came to pass, the fulfillment of the curse. Mom prayed and prayed that you would have a loud child just like Little Miss' Auntie E, and sure enough you got one....Except Little Miss' screech is cute and she is five months old where as Erica's screech is just loud and she is soon to be twenty three.

Holly said...

Now, that is funny cute.

Casey said...

You couldn't hear it through the computer, but your little miss, and my little princess were having a conversation just now! As soon as the screeching started, princess turned around, looked up at the computer and answered right back! Thanks for the virtual friend!

The Motherboard said...

Wow! I am glad there is a Mayor of Crazytown! I live in Crazyland! how fun is that?

your baby is delicious! She looks about the same age as mine!

have a fun filled crazy friday!

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