Friday, July 11, 2008

Prevailing thoughts.

Teething totally, completely, without a question sucks.

Happy Birthday Miqui! and I am the crappiest big sister on the planet since your Birthday card is going out TODAY and not three days ago when it would already be there for your big day. You are still my favorite. Miqui is all our favorites. She is The Baby. The little girl. The only one of my mother's children to be allowed Teddy Grahams in Sacrament meeting and whose homework I did so she didn't have to.

Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Yannette, and don't worry about the card. I would never say you are the crapiest sister on the planet,in fact, I have the best sisters anyone could ever ask for. I agree, teething sucks and I can totally relate to little Miss, my top wisdom teeth are coming in. Give Little Miss a hug and a kiss for me. Thanks again for everything, I love you.

Crazy Me... said...

Yeah, I am still a little bitter about the teddy grams. But you are right, Miqui is kind of everyone's favorite. I think it is because of her cute giggle.

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